Funding Interests

The Foundation’s goals are two-fold:

Providing educational opportunity for very bright young children from disadvantaged backgrounds:

The Foundation welcomes grant proposals  from educational organizations working with exceptionally intelligent children from disadvantaged backgrounds who might be overlooked in conventional settings. Typical grants will be given for the purchase of educational equipment and materials.

Addressing urgent environmental and conservation issues:

Throughout their lives the founders were contributors to various conservation efforts both regional and international. In recent years  world-wide environmental problems have  reached alarming proportions. The Foundation remains dedicated to assisting efforts to ameliorate deteriorating environmental conditions.

Apply for Support

If your organization has projects and goals consistent with ours, and needs funding to achieve its objectives, please submit an application. We will be pleased to consider your proposal.


The Simeon and Jean H. Locke Foundation, registered in Massachusetts, was established in 2018 as a 501(c)(3) entity.